Scola Clear PVA Glue - 500ml

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If crafting days in your home always result in a sticky situation, then you need to get you hands on this bottle of Scola 500ml Kids White Glue!

Made by art-masters, Scola, this white glue does just what it says on the label: sticks stuff together. The main difference between the Scola 500ml Kids White Glue and other glues, is that you can wash it out in cold water!

If it happens to get on fabric, give it a pre-soak in some warm water and then wash it as you normally would.

Perfect for crafty classrooms, the glue is free from phthalates, latex, wheat and gluten.
All the fun, without the mess!

• Scola 500ml Kids White Glue
• Phenolates, latex, wheat and gluten-free
• Washes out in water
• Not suitable for children under 36 months